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Sharon Swing is an author, retreat leader, speaker, artist and consultant with interests in life story as a spiritual development tool, crafting experiences that give God space to do what he does best, art as a spiritual pathway, and change. With Sibyl Towner, she has co-authored Listen to My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story. For more information, visit She is an organization development consultant specializing in planning, meeting facilitation, leadership development and change management. For more information, visit

Recognizing and Responding To God

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen To My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story How do you live a spiritual life? You live a spiritual life by recognizing and responding to God. So, how do you recognize God? You can recognize God at work in your life when you are present to the current moment. It is helpful to be self-aware, so you can then become God-aware. Once you become [...]

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Practice Hope

  Photo by: Sharon Swing Quote by: Steve Garmaas-Holmes Have you ever felt hopeless? Not knowing what to do? Not able to see ahead? Wanting some direction? I wonder how God might be calling you to practice hope in this season. I wonder what he might be revealing to you in the midst of your day about yourself, about others, about His deep love for you. Take some time to sit in his [...]

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The Best Birthday Gift

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen to My Life:  Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story I turned 50 a few weeks ago. I wanted to see if God might have something he wanted to say to me on my 50th birthday. I headed off to a beautiful garden and walked the paths admiring blooming crab apples, lilacs (in Chicago's early April?) and tulips. I basked in the sun and soaked it [...]

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Christ For Me. Christ In Me. Christ Through Me.

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author, Listen to My Life:  Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story   This breath prayer is one I say as a way of reminding myself who I am and to whom I belong.  It offers me peace, perspective and perseverance in times when I may be willing to believe my circumstances or voices from my past more readily than intentionally listening for what God has to say to [...]


Photo by Sharon Swing Scripture: "You are the God of great wonders!"  Psalm 77:14   Question for Reflection: Where have you delighted in God this week and noticed Him waiting just around the corner?   Book Recommendation: The God Hunt: The Delightful Chase and the Wonder of Being Found by Karen Burton Mains

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By Sharon Swing, Co-Author, Listen to my Life God has plans for us – a future and a hope; an exciting adventure! Yet many of us are stuck in some place in our life. Stuck in indecision Stuck emotionally Stuck relationally Stuck spiritually Stuck professionally Stuck financially Stuck in the ambiguity of the in-between A person chooses to stay in a job that no longer holds interest for them because they don’t know what else [...]

Souls Emerging from Deep Hiding

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author, Listen to my Life “The soul is shy,” says Parker Palmer in his book, A Hidden Wholeness. It is a story as old as Adam and Eve hiding after their act of disobedience. (Genesis 3:7)  As human beings, our natural tendency is toward covering up; not choosing to expose our vulnerability, shame or what we believe are unlovable parts of who we are. In hiding, over time, we can obscure what [...]

Sensing God’s Love

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen to My Life I think that taste buds are not only proof of an intelligent creator of the universe, but of a God who loves us.  The earth that bears an abundance of sustenance for us also produces it in a tasty array.  From my perspective, the matching of elements in edible foods to the sensors on our tongues just could not have happened by chance! But he did [...]

Your Highest Calling

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author, Listen to my Life Maybe I’m getting a bit too sensitive.  Maybe not.  I’d like to know what you think. While listening to a radio program, a caller identified himself as a pastor.  Before answering the man’s question, the host encouraged this man by saying that the role of a pastor is the highest calling, and he was sure that God was pleased with his choice to serve Him. While at [...]

Time Does Not Heal

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author Listen to My Life The old adage, ‘time will heal’ is not really true.  What is done with time is what seems to make a difference in how people respond to loss.   There are various conscious and unconscious choices hurting people make about how they approach this time that they may hope will heal them.  One thing is for sure, grieving loss and hurt does take time – but how that [...]

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