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Reframing on Raspberry Mountain

Photo Credit: Biegun Wschodni by Kim Nielsen, oneLifemaps Facilitator Waking up to a God-kissed day on Raspberry Mountain filled my heart with joy! Much of what is life-giving to me could be found on this day: being in the majestic mountains, walking in the wildflower valleys, receiving my breath of the Spirit from the cool morning air as God affirmed my life this day, spending extended time with Him on retreat and sharing [...]

A Choice: React or Respond

Photo Credit: Jordan Whitt Photography By Sibyl Towner Are you reacting from your past or responding to God? Our past experiences hold power over us—good or bad. In essence, our pasts compete with God for our attention. God is more powerful than any circumstance or experience, but we have to choose to give him that power in our lives. Sibyl Towner speaks about these life choices. Scripture: As a father has compassion on [...]

Anticipating Autumn

Photo by Lukas Haffele by Michelle Key, oneLifemaps Facilitator In God’s created world there are seasons that continually recycle throughout the year and return again and again.  There are times of drought, dormancy, root-deepening, new growth and fruit-bearing.  As humans, our spiritual lives too can be characterized by a series of stages that lead us toward fullness, wholeness, maturity and transformation. Each season has its mixed bag of harvest and loss.  I am in such a season at this time in my life.  Through God's leading, my husband and I have downsized. [...]

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Lessons Learned from Leading

by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator After completing my first attempt at leading some friends through Listen to My Life, I looked back and saw  an amazing adventure where God has taught and continues to teach me many lessons.  After spending much of my time at the Facilitator Circle Gathering asking questions like, "What does this look like in mentoring relationships?" and “How much of my story do I share as a facilitator?,” I decided to give it [...]

Long Overdue Thoughts

by Joy Bork It is time. It is time to write again. It is time to blog again. It is time to live free. It is time to adventure again. It is time.   The past two years have been the hardest two years of my life so far.  On the flip side, they have also been two of the best years.  For some reason, the saying that "out of hardship comes the greatest growth" [...]

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4th Quarter Blessings

by Dr. Anita Schamber, oneLifemaps Facilitator As an infant, my parents presented me for baptism with a sprinkling with water as a matter of family tradition. Because I was not raised by Christ-following parents, this dedication became an important part of my childhood story, as I continued to hunger for God over my childhood and teenage years. God kept pursuing me as I continued to take steps toward Him by joining a church, serving in [...]

Mysticism: A Personal Reflection

by Alice Fryling, Author and Spiritual Director I was surprised when I learned that I might be an ordinary mystic. I didn’t know mystics could be ordinary. I thought mystics were otherworldly people who probably lived in the desert. My imaginary mystics were extraordinary people who had given up all material pleasures. Since I like indoor plumbing and other creature comforts, I assumed that mysticism was beyond my reach. But I have learned that mystics [...]

Set Sail

 by Leslie Dawson, oneLifemaps facilitator photo by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development and oneLifemaps Facilitator Questions to Ponder: What adjustments need to be made to set your sails so you may be fully alive to God and in the center of his purpose for you? Sailboats are uniquely and expertly crafted to navigate the waters. How has God uniquely crafted you with the intention of showing his love through you to a hurting world? Are their [...]

Until You Share Yourself

Photo by Bobbi Dombrowski By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator Listen to My Life is loaded with quotes and statements that often stop me in my tracks and provoke an emotional response. The first time I remember that happening to me was when I read the following statement in the "My Life Story" map, “Until you can share yourself, you can’t really listen to someone else.” Inside I thought, “I don’t believe that. I [...]

Do You Trust Me?

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator Walking back from the mail box, our conversation turned from noticing the beauty of the day in nature to my mom’s question about something from a recent doctor’s appointment. It’s the same question she has asked before. There is frustration in her voice as she realizes her memory is going. Knowing it doesn’t help to keep repeating the same explanation, I think about a different response. We stopped walking, I [...]

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