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Childhood Valley Experiences—Redeemed!

Photo Credit: Sharon Christina By Patty MacCarthy, onelifemaps participant Growing up, I attended church each week with my family. In Sunday school, I was told that I was "a perfect child of God.” I never heard the word “sin” or that I was in need of a Savior. Jesus was portrayed only as teacher and healer. As a young girl, I was often left in the care of my two older brothers. Their [...]

Awakening in the Valley

Photo Credit: Carol Steffens by Carol Steffens, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Blog editor Have you ever realized something later in life that you may have carried around with you since childhood? So it was for me, as I uncovered a seemingly inconsequential item until I was willing to allow the pain to surface about an incident that occurred in my early years. After school one day, while rummaging through some old boxes, I came across [...]

Just Do It

By Annie Sander, Worship Leader and Vocal Director, The Compass Church This morning I was on my way to a church conference. My car pulled out of my driveway at 8:32 am; and frankly – I was pretty proud of myself for being ready with perfume on, make-up on and my 8 and 6 year old kids fed by this hour. As I was driving out of my neighborhood, I saw this woman running with a [...]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

By Deitra Shoemaker, oneLife Maps Facilitator As I think about the good, the bad and the ugly in my story, I see the good as the blessings of God.  I see the bad as the trials and sufferings I've experienced from those who have sinned against me as well as just the acknowledgement of the fact that this is how life is on this side of eternity.  But the ugly . . . the ugly [...]

Where Does Growth Happen Best?

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author Listen to My Life Growth is something we hope for in ourselves and in others.  Part of the underside of growth is being stuck or wanting to know how we can grow.  Watch as Sibyl speaks about growth in our lives.

Spiritual Pathways

By Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life Have you thought about the places in your life where you are closest to God; your most authentic self with Him?  Watch as Sibyl shares about 9 different spiritual pathways.  Which one most connects with you?

Embracing the God Who Is

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life Sometimes we get stuck in relationships.  Sometimes we might feel this could be true of our realtionship with God.  We get stuck, want to move forward, but don't know how. Listen to Sibyl share how "letting go of the God we know to embrace the God who is" can help.

Solitude and Community

By Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life Some people light up and draw energy from a crowd of people while others recharge and thrive when grabbing time alone.  Those same tendencies are often carried into our approach with God. Listen as Sibyl shares how we might keep company with God in new ways.  You may be surprised by what you hear.

Trying New Spiritual Practices

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author Listen to My Life Have you ever had a nudge or whisper to try a new spiritual practice?  You might think learning something new feels awkward or provokes anxiety, but it can be exciting and exhilarating.  Remember the feeling when you first peddled yourself to new freedoms on a bicycle? Trying a new spiritual practice is an opportunity to engage in something fresh, a new pattern that places you before God so [...]

Seasons of Life

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author Listen to My Life Change, like the seasons, is a constant in our life.  But what in the world does our season of life have to do with spiritual practices? What once worked may not anymore.  Hear Sibyl's thoughts on spiritual practices in the different seasons of life.

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