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‘Listen to My Life’

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is a unique visual tool that becomes an on-ramp to conversations with yourself, God, and trusted others in reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to joyfully and courageously walk with God into your future. The goal is to help you recognize and respond to God in the midst of your story.
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How your life story impacts the way you live today and your choices for tomorrow


Yourself and your part in God’s larger story


what you might do to live a life that is a more full expression of who God created you to be
Map Your Life • Recognize God’s Guidance • Respond with Purposeful Action

Get Your Free Introductory Booklet Now!

The 'Listen to My Life' Portfolio Includes...

8 Different Visual Maps

8 different 11" x 17" color visual maps with questions to prompt your thoughts and space for documenting your reflections in words, phrases, doodles, or pictures.  See all 8 visual maps below.

8 Booklets

8 booklets with an introduction, instructions and guided reflections for each visual map in the series. The color visual maps are tucked inside each booklet.

Introduction Booklet

Introduction Booklet includes a description of the Listen to my Life process, Listening Guidelines and an article on 3-Way Listening to help people listen in ways that invite authentic sharing of life stories.

Convenient Portfolio Box

Convenient portfolio box to store and carry your booklets and visual maps.

There are 8 visual maps in the LISTEN TO MY LIFE portfolio.

Mouse over these images to reveal descriptions of each map.
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My Life Now

My Life Now: A visual map for reflecting on your current circumstances

Learn More

My Life Story

My Life Story: A visual map for reflecting on my past

Learn More

Peak Experiences

Peak Experiences: A visual map for recognizing my unique design

Learn more

Valley Experiences

Valley Experiences: A visual map for moving through my hurts

Learn More

Reviewing My Days

Reviewing My Days: A visual map for recognizing God’s activity in my dai...

Learn more

Desires & Longings

Desires & Longings: A visual map for envisioning the life that God w...

Learn More

Life-Giving Rhythms

Life-Giving Rhythms: A visual map for staying attuned and responsive to God

Learn More

Following Forward

Following Forward: A visual map for summarizing your discoveries from th...

Learn More

Introduction Booklet

Introduction Booklet: An overview of the ’Listen to My Life’ process.

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Map your story for spiritual growth 
and meaningful action.

Listen to My Life is for you if:

  • you are seeking God in a deeper way and desire to rediscover who you are through His eyes.
  • you have thought, “I don’t know myself anymore.”
  • you wonder, “Is there something more?”
  • you stand at a crossroads in life and ask, “Which way will lead me toward more of who I am made to be?
  • you are looking for a way to understand the restlessness that you feel inside.
  • you are relationally at odds with yourself or others in ways that have ties to your past.
For each of the eight visual maps in the Listen to My Life portfolio, use this process:

Step 1

Read the introduction and instructions in the map booklet

Step 2

Record your responses to questions on the color visual maps in words and pictures.

Step 3

Share your story and listen to others for deeper insights and connections.

Step 4

Engage in the spiritual practices and journaling questions on the ‘Reflections’ page to deepen your experience and gain clarity.

In What Settings Can I Use Listen to My Life?

On Your Own


In Small Groups

Large Groups

Facilitators are often:

  • Small Group Leaders
  • Spiritual Friends
  • Teachers
  •  Retreat Leaders
  •  Counselors
  •  Coaches
  •  Spiritual Directors
  •  Professors
  •  Church Professionals

Can be used in many settings, including:

  • Classes in Churches
  • Pre-marital Classes or Counseling
  • Counseling Situations
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Retreats & Workshops
  • Internships
  • Coaching Curriculum
  • Leadership Development & Team Building
  • Listening Workshops
  • Young Adult and College Groups
  • Pastoral Care
  • Connections Ministries
  • Women’s & Men’s Groups
  • College Classes
  • Missionary Care

oneLife Maps Podcast

If God is interacting with you, would you notice? Can you learn to recognize and respond to God in your story — in your everyday, ordinary life? Let’s find out from other people who are curious like you! We’ll hear from people who have recognized what God is up to in the midst of the mundane, joyful, painful and profound moments of life, and sensed God with them, in them, and for them. Some found encouragement, healing, hope, redemption, restoration, new perspectives or direction at life’s crossroads — sometimes in surprising ways.
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Virtual Coaching Group Workshop

Experience Listen to My Life in Community from Wherever You Are!


Group coaching calls at Noon on Tuesdays or 7:30 PM on Mondays

The MAP YOUR LIFE Virual Workshop Experience will use the LISTEN TO MY LIFE: MAPS FOR RECOGNIZING AND RESPONDING TO GOD IN MY STORY materials as its core workbook and text.

LISTEN TO MY LIFE is a unique visual tool that becomes an on-ramp to conversations with yourself, God, and trusted others in reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to joyfully and courageously walk with God into your future. The goal is to help you recognize and respond to God in the midst of your story.  

As you invite God into the process and document your story, desires, observations and plans in words, phrases, and pictures, you may sense God providing fresh insights, questions or specific direction by helping you to:

  • CLARIFY your desires
  • DISCERN how your life story impacts the way you live today and your choices for tomorrow
  • FIND HEALING from hurts, releasing you to more readily respond to God than your past
  • UNDERSTAND yourself and your part in God’s larger story 
  • DECIDE what you might do to live a life that is a more full expression of who God created you to be
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What People Are Saying

“Through the Listen to My Life journey, I experienced both significant discoveries and deep healing of my soul. I especially recommend this material for anyone who is in a season of transition, seeking what God might lift from the past and bring forward into the future. How grateful I am for this process which is firmly rooted in scripture and guidance from many wise souls who have traveled before me.”
Nancy Beach - Speaker and Author of Gifted to Lead & An Hour on Sunday
“LISTEN TO MY LIFE is an essential tool for life discovery as you begin the adventure of what’s next for your life. Before you take your first step, sit down with Listen to My Life and let it guide you through life maps that will help you identify where God has been present in your life and where God is taking you next.”
Bob Buford - Author, Halftime, and Founder and Chairman of Leadership Network
“LISTEN TO MY LIFE is a wildly unique tool that helped me to take a look at my story in a way that produced spiritual growth and productive focus. I’ve worked through the process with two groups of dear friends — a women’s group, and a couples’ group. We are connected more deeply than ever, and we’re dedicated to supporting each other to courageously co-create the stories God has for our futures. Dive into your journey. You’ll be so blessed!”
Marjorie Blanchard, PhD - Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies
“WE ALL KNOW THE POWER OF STORY, but making sense of the accumulated tale our own lives tell — which could unlock great insight and wisdom for the story God wants to unfold in and through us — seems nearly impossible. Sibyl and Sharon have crafted an ultimately engaging and revealing masterpiece that could not just change your life, but make the most of it!”
Russ Robinson - Small Groups author, speaker and consultant, and former Willow Creek Community Church Director of Ministries
"What at first glance looked like a study has instead become a lifestyle. Through 'Listen to My Life,' I have discovered the Lord’s fingerprints in my life and the unique ways He can use me in this world. The study has given me both the tools and the confidence to look at my life – past, present and future – with renewed hope and expectation, believing now more than ever that He has a great, irreplaceable purpose for me. Listen to My Life beautifully weaved together for me the joy and reality of knowing Christ and how being in tune with His work can lead me to great adventures.
Alexis Wilson - Director of Communications, Fort Worth Zoo

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