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About Bonnie Ferris

Bonnie is a spiritual mentor, listener, and encourager, and has facilitated Listen to My Life listening groups in her home. As a professional organizer, Bonnie is passionate about equipping women to reclaim their space by transforming their cluttered homes into pleasant spaces where relationships can flourish. She enjoys time with her husband, family and friends, loving her grandchildren, walking and observing nature. Bonnie is currently devoted to learning the joy of being present to and savoring the moments with her 94-year-old mother as she cares for her in her home.

My “Ta Da”

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator The life of a caregiver has its ups and downs, its rewards and challenges.  The spiritual practice of Silence and Solitude has been life giving to me as I care for my 94-year-old mom who lives with my husband and me. In December, I attended an overnight Silent Retreat held in a retreat center in the surrounding beauty of wooded paths and meandering stream. Knowing I had been neglecting caring [...]

The Prison of Shyness

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator Being shy is like being in a prison.  Although I don’t know what it’s like to be in a physical prison, I do know what it’s like to be locked up inside.  Recently, my husband asked me to attend a dinner for a roller blading club where he belongs.  He sensed my hesitation, even though I thought I was hiding it.  My old habit of feeling shy at meeting strangers [...]

Do You Trust Me?

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator Walking back from the mail box, our conversation turned from noticing the beauty of the day in nature to my mom’s question about something from a recent doctor’s appointment. It’s the same question she has asked before. There is frustration in her voice as she realizes her memory is going. Knowing it doesn’t help to keep repeating the same explanation, I think about a different response. We stopped walking, I [...]

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Walking Them Home

by Bonnie Ferris, a Listen to My Life Listening Group Facilitator I knew it wouldn’t be easy as time went on, but at the time it was exciting.  We were moving from a townhouse with no real dining room to hold our growing family to a rambling ranch on an acre of ground in a pocket of country where my husband and I would share a home with my aging mother and father.  We were [...]

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