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About Bonnie Oden

Bonnie is studying Spiritual Direction at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, which she will complete in 2012. Her mission is to help people as they travel on their road of spiritual growth. She desires to help people move from random chaos to intentionality in their lives, to move from wounded lives to healing lives. Her motto is “God danced the day you were born!” He loves each of us that much! Bonnie has been blessed to be married to her soul mate, David, for 35 years and counting. They have three wonderful grown sons and her time of greatest joy is anytime the family is together.

Blessings in Living Color

by Bonnie Oden Sometimes I struggle with a short attention span due to some cognitive challenges resulting from Multiple Sclerosis.  My form of Multiple Sclerosis comes and goes.  A symptom appears, gets worse for a period of time, then gets better for a while and finally I will have some permanent damage. Over time, I have begun to realize this as a blessing from God, so I can better understand and help my youngest son, [...]

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