In the morning, when I rise....


By Marcy Hardy, oneLifemaps Facilitator

Morning Reflection Questions:

  • In the morning light, what do your thoughts first turn to when you awake -- your plan for your day or our God who created this new day that has never been created before?
  • As a way to capture and tame your thoughts as you begin your day, sit quietly and reflect on this question, "Where was (insert your name) when Jesus put the creation in place?"
  • Recite these words until they move from head to heart and you can take them into your day as truth, “Good morning Lord-- this is your day, I am your child, show me your way.” Use it to remind yourself that God does not need you to set the moon in place, and is capable and more than willing to show you the way every day. What would ever enter your world to take you away from knowing that He is more than you need for this one day you have been given?
  • How can the way you awake in the morning be a life-giving rhythm?
  • How can you use the way you wake to help set the pace for a day which is in step with God’s pace?

Thank you for being the maker of each new day and that before I arise you are already in each day. I praise you for being trustworthy and thank you for desiring to show me the way I should go. Help me to turn my thoughts to you first thing in the morning and seek your plan and will for this one day. Help me to remember you are always more than I need.


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