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About Liz Lassa

Liz Lassa is a Sweet Spot Life Coach, oneLife Maps facilitator, and Inspirational Speaker. She coaches people to discover their God-Given purpose. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband of 18 years and three children. Her mission is to help encourage, enlighten, and inspire people to reach their divine calling, while creating Godly, loving home environments. You can hear more of her story by listening to a Midday Connection Interview from the home page of www.spiritualcirclejournal.com.

Following God Forward

Spiritual Circle Journal by Liz Lassa by Liz Lassa, oneLifemaps Facilitator A while ago a friend said to me, “Liz, you seem to hear so clearly from God and love your time with Him. How does that work for you?” I gave her a very basic answer sharing that I gathered my bible, journal, devotional and went off to spend time with God.  Very quickly, I realized she was really looking for more. [...]

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