/Gail Donahue

About Gail Donahue

Gail’s passion is to see people discover and live out a vibrant, power-filled and intimate walk with Christ in the midst of a very complex world. Gail is a former elder at Willow Creek Community Church and currently leads spiritual formation classes there. She is a certified Spiritual Director and oneLife Maps Facilitator. Gail is the co-founder of Sacred., a ministry focused on setting apart spaces for men and women to keep company with Jesus. She and her husband live in the Chicago area and have two grown children.

Sacred Cravings

By Gail Donahue, oneLifemaps Facilitator Do you ever find yourself ambushed during your day by a certain need to taste a particular type of food?  We call this a craving.  Some of us find ourselves longing for something salty and crunchy.  Others among us prefer just a little something sweet to top off our meal, such as a deliciously warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, or a bite of delectably dark chocolate or maybe a [...]

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