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About Jenny Trees

Jenny Trees is a facilitator and teacher who uses the Listen to My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story, a visual workbook for small groups, mentoring relationships, workshops, retreats, classes, between spiritual friends, or individually to re-discover the storyline of the life they are authoring with God. She currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Formation at Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Jenny organizes, supports and encourages the small group community, discipleship programs, and adult education programs. She is responsible for inviting and encouraging congregation members to participate in life transforming small groups that are submitted to the Holy Spirit, transformed by the word of God, living their faith out in the world, nurtured in community, and equipped to serve.

Lenten Learning

by Jenny Trees, oneLife Maps Facilitator Lent is a tool that in denying oneself extraneous desires we are able to more clearly see God’s provision for us. Jesus fasted to look beyond himself. We fast in order to get a better understanding of the power and provision of God. There is suffering in letting go of something; sacrifice in choosing to allow our provision to come from God rather than ourselves. In the past, I [...]

Living in the Ah-Ha Moments!

Photo by Jcowsaymoo By Jenny Trees, oneLifemaps Facilitator What is the difference between formulas and ah-ha moments? A formula is a set of rules or principles. It’s an equation that someone has found to get them to a certain result. You can find formulas for success lining shelves in the form of self-help books. Unlike formulas, ah-ha moments draw us closer to God and are found when we open ourselves up to the [...]

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