Soaring in Tandem

by Joani Hughes, oneLifemaps Facilitator

This summer, our family returned to the beach. It did not take us long to make our way to the ocean and establish the little towel kingdom that would be ours for five days.  One afternoon the beach breeze was especially strong and we watched as our “neighbors” pulled out an unusually large bright red kite and began to fly it. Unlike many kites, this one was rectangular in shape and required two fairly large hand controls to keep it aloft.

One dad did most of the flying and entertained us all with loops and twists and dives. His young son was clamoring for a turn to take the controls. In time, his dad handed him the kite and we all watched as it promptly crashed into the sand, not once but again and again. The little boy was determined however and continued to try to wrest control of the kite and the stiff ocean breeze. Finally, his dad stepped behind him, reached around the boy and grabbed the kite strings. Now there were two in charge of the kite, the boy and the strength behind him. Very quickly, the kite began to soar.

As I watched, I wondered how many times I have struggled to control the twists and turns of my daily life, unaware of the Father’s strong arms behind me.  Just like the young boy on the beach, I am often determined to go it alone regardless of the outcome.  Or perhaps I may think I am the one navigating the storms of life, when, in fact, it is God behind me who gently keeps me on course, while allowing me to continue to hold the controls.  The little boy did not really enjoy the kite that day until he and his dad were working in tandem.

When I consider my life story, I can so clearly see those moments when, in the midst of struggle and the occasional crash on the sand, I recognized that I was not the only one flying the kite.  God’s power and strength have been there in the strongest winds. Stopping and looking and remembering those arms, I am reminded once again that I am not alone.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Can you identify moments in your life story when you knew God’s hands were guiding yours to a place of safety and peace?
  • Why do we continue to stubbornly try to “go it alone?”
  • Are the strong winds of life only to be feared, or can they offer opportunity to step into the unknown with God?


“May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power.” Colossians 1:11a  NRSV


Dear God, your strong arms are always there behind me ready and waiting to help.  Help me to not go it alone, but to allow you to help me with the controls of my life and to work with you as you gently guide me.  I am grateful you did not create us to live this life alone but together with you.

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