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About Kate Cogswell

Kate Cogswell is a Listen To My Life facilitator in Lafayette, IN, who considers it an honor and a privilege to walk alongside people on their journey with God. She is a certified spiritual director and founder of Invitational Journey. She loves to encourage others, to help people pay attention to God’s activity and invitations in the midst of their life, and to see people connect to God in meaningful ways. Kate is married to Todd and together they are raising two daughters.

Warning: Check Engine Light

by Kate Cogswell, oneLifemaps Facilitator When I turned the key in my van recently, the engine turned on but so did my check engine light.  This wasn't the first time it lit up, but it had been a while.  I had somewhere to be, so I told myself it probably wasn't anything serious and kept driving. Several days later when the check engine light caught my attention again, I dismissed my concern yet told myself [...]

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