God's Humor

by Nancy Byker, oneLifemaps Facilitator
....and a humble reminder of His presence.

It’s Monday morning and I dial into a LTML facilitator conference call. As I introduced my joining the conversation, Sibyl asked if my view included looking at the mountains. I offered a quick reply, “No. I am sitting where the sun is shining.” I was hoping to soak in the last warmth of the waning days of fall in the mountains, while listening to the wisdom and experience of others.

Shortly thereafter, as I looked up and took notice, I chuckled inside as I captured the view. How crazy!! I was looking at the Continental Divide! That's my front yard view. And in the back yard is a Colorado fourteener named Mt.Quandry. Ahhh.... perspective while in the Presence! It was a gentle reminder to pause and consider how easily I become comfortable and blinded by close proximity to my surroundings.

For me, pausing to take note of God's presence through creation restores my soul. While traversing the switchbacks of daily living, I can lose sight of God as Creator. His love and care slips through my fingers while I grasp hold of “to do” lists and high expectations. If I let the distractions of life cast a shadow over my being in the presence of God and His creation, I miss the beauty of what's often hidden in plain sight.
A regular review of the day and practice of jotting down my thoughts while noting my emotions to the day leads me to still waters. I find peace and rest for my spirit in knowing God is with me in the questions, the angst, and the uncertainty of my tomorrows. I find myself enveloped by God's love and held in His care.
I am grateful for those quiet moments of sitting in silence and listening for the sights and sounds found daily in God's creation. Whether in early morning hours of a new day, or at the setting of the sun, may my heart be open to the abundance of God's presence and spaciousness found throughout the happenings of my day.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Where in my day did I find an opportunity to pause and notice my surroundings?
  • God, what is it you are inviting me to see in my day?
  • What thoughts, concerns, or worries have taken my mind captive?
  • What ways of living carry the risk of my turning aside, and thus missing God and the gift offered?
  • What way is my spirit enveloped in peaceful awe and wonder?

“GOD, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.” Pslams 23: 1-3 Msg.

Dear God, I thank you for the beauty of life that surrounds me. Yesterday, it was in the presence of others through the sharing of communion and a meal. Today, it was the gentle viewing of your majesty in the mountains. May my heart be awakened to your spirit in my tomorrows, and open to receive the gifts and beauty in the day. Stir within my heart a longing to both see and reveal a glimpse of your love, goodness, and presence to others in my midst.


About the Author:

Nancy lives with her husband in Colorado. She loves to read, finds joy and restoration while living in the mountains and taking note of the quiet ways of God. Her love for God is fanned into flame by the spiritual practices of self-examen, gazing upon God and His creation, and her personal knowing of the redemptive power of God in our story. She has a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation.

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