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Sharon Feryance is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of experience in professional counseling. She lives in St. Charles, IL, with her husband, Milt. They just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. Sharon attends Christ Community Church serving as a member of the St. Charles Women’s Ministry Core Leadership Team. She is a co-leader of the St. Charles, IL, “Days for Girls Team” (an organization that creates sustainable feminine hygiene products for women who live in undeveloped countries). Sharon leads Listen to My Life groups and loves listening to how God shows up in people’s stories.

My Champion

Photo by Gordan By Sharon Feryance I grew up in the 1940s. At that time, a child born to unwed parents carried the stigma of being identified as an “illegitimate.”  I never knew my father, and my mother was in and out of my life. Thankfully, my grandmother raised me, but my early years were colored with loss and abuse. We moved around quite often, and I attended multiple grade schools — some [...]

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