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Julie works for a pregnancy center in Plano, Texas and is involved in facilitating bible studies at her church and currently helps Listen to My Life with the blog. She is married to Marcus and has two beautiful adult daughters, Robin and Sara, and one incredibly energetic teenage son Bryan.

Questions from the Master: Who do you say that I am?

Photo by Canva By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Blog Coordinator                              Scripture: Matthew 16:13-15 (The Voice) Jesus then went to Caesarea Philippi. Jesus (to His disciples): Who do people say the Son of Man is? Disciples: Some say John the Baptist. And some say Elijah. And some say Jeremiah or one of the other prophets. Jesus: And you? Who do you say that I am? Questions for Reflection: Jesus was always teaching the disciples something. He never seemed [...]

Questions from the Master: Do you love me?

Photo Credit:Marco Horvat By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Blog Coordinator                              Scripture: John 21:15-17 (The Voice) They finished eating breakfast. Jesus: Simon, son of John, do you love Me more than these other things? Simon Peter: Yes, Lord. You know that I love You. Jesus: Take care of My lambs. Jesus asked him a second time . . . Jesus: Simon, son of John, do you love Me? Simon Peter: Yes, Lord. You must surely know that I love You. Jesus: Shepherd [...]

Created for Something More

Photo by Luke Pamar By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Volunteer The Peak Experiences Map is one of those maps that was hard for me to wrap my head around. Like most people, I always thought Peak experiences where those high points in my life when I experienced success and was rewarded for it. The purpose of the map is to help us reflect on activities that were satisfying, whether anyone noticed or [...]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator It was Saturday morning, November 6, 2010. I sat in a circle with a group of eight other women at a Listen To My Life workshop as our facilitator began to read a paraphrase of Mark 10:46-52. “Then they came to Jericho. As Jesus and his disciples, together with a large crowd, were leaving the city, I, a blind woman named _____ (that is, the daughter of _____ and _____), [...]

Looking for Community?

by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator For many people, life mapping is a foreign concept and can leave one with more questions than answers. One of my early memories of doing the Life Giving Rhythms map was opening the map instructions and seeing two lists: Connecting Your Desires to a Spiritual Practice and Negative Patterns and Balancing Spiritual Practice. My first thought was, "What's that?”followed quickly by "Oh, I think I want to try that?" and [...]

Lessons Learned from Leading

by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator After completing my first attempt at leading some friends through Listen to My Life, I looked back and saw  an amazing adventure where God has taught and continues to teach me many lessons.  After spending much of my time at the Facilitator Circle Gathering asking questions like, "What does this look like in mentoring relationships?" and “How much of my story do I share as a facilitator?,” I decided to give it [...]

How Could This Belong?

Photo by Lynnette Richardson by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator “Everything in your story belongs."  This is one of the foundational teachings of Listen to My Life. On a good day, I believe it. On a not so good day, I forget it. Lately, the part of my story I don’t think belongs is my recurring struggle with depression. Depression has been described as a deep dark hole that seems to have no way [...]

You’ve Got Mail

Photo by Unsplash by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator “Our challenge is to unmask the divine in the natural and name the presence of God in our lives.” This quote from David Benner's book, The Gift of Being Yourself, is also an opening quote in the 'Reviewing My Days' map instructions. But what does it mean? This spring I received an email from a lady in my bible study group that began to help [...]

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Until You Share Yourself

Photo by Bobbi Dombrowski By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator Listen to My Life is loaded with quotes and statements that often stop me in my tracks and provoke an emotional response. The first time I remember that happening to me was when I read the following statement in the "My Life Story" map, “Until you can share yourself, you can’t really listen to someone else.” Inside I thought, “I don’t believe that. I [...]


by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator How is your memory? I am finding mine isn't very good. The busier I get, the more I depend on what is written down to help me avoid embarrassing moments like the time I forgot to pick up my oldest daughter from school. Remembering isn't just important when considering everyday schedules, but also in our walk with Christ. Think about how often God called the nation of Israel to build [...]

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