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Rebecca Madden is author of the Listen to My Life Group Facilitator’s Guide. Listen to My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story is a visual workbook for small groups, mentoring relationships, workshops, retreats, classes, between spiritual friends, or individually to help people re-discover the storyline of the life they are authoring with God. More information is available at www.onelifemaps.com. She also writes on her personal blog at thestorynextdoor.blogspot.com.

Don’t Just Give Up, Give Back  

by Rebecca Madden, oneLifemaps Facilitator and author of the Listen to My Life Group Facilitator’s Guide Our church is promoting not just Giving Up, but Giving Back for Lent, so they are offering a chance to serve the  under-resourced each day in various places for 30 days all throughout Atlanta. Carla, my adventure friend in Atlanta, and I decided to serve at Georgia Avenue Church’s food co-op. We arrived at the church, not knowing what to expect.  [...]


by Rebecca Madden, oneLifemaps Facilitator and author of the Listen to My Life Group Facilitator’s Guide Last Sunday, our senior pastor said, "The whole Christian life is an audible." That sentence literally brought me to tears. I feel like audibles are how God directs me. I am not saying I hear God's audibles like I hear my children's or husband's voice, but I hear God's voice as audible in my heart. I recently had another audible from God. Back up a [...]

Heartache to Hope – Stella’s Story

Stella with Peachtree Team By Rebecca Madden with Stella Kasirye   In 1992, one of Stella Kasirye’s brothers was very sick with AIDS.  He was so hurt by the associated stigma and discrimination that he checked himself into a hospital in London and told the staff that he had no family. At the time of her brother’s death, Stella was working for the UN Global Program on AIDS, but she was powerless to him.  [...]

oneLife at a Time

by Rebecca Madden, oneLifemaps Facilitator One of the maps in the Listen to My Life workbook is called Peak Experiences. It helps one to identity satisfying activities and experiences that can be clues to one’s unique design and purpose. When I began the process of looking at my life and my Peak Experiences a few years ago, the first thing that was easy for me to identify was scrapbooking. I remember thinking to myself – what does this [...]

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