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A love for “story” has been a part of Nancy’s life since childhood. Finding their story in God’s story has been a theme throughout Nancy’s and her husband Wayne’s 35-year marriage. Working alongside each other, they are the stewards of Shammah Ministries, a biblical counseling and prayer ministry. Read more about their ministry offerings at http://www.shammahsfield.com/. As a coach, Nancy delights in helping others discover and unpack God’s Kingdom purpose for their unique design and calling. She enjoys offering “Listen to My Life” classes and utilizing the maps as a tool in the coaching process. Nancy and Wayne reside in Spokane, WA. They are proud of their three adult children, their three spouses, and love their two grandchildren. More of her writing and heart for God can be read in her blog, “Wellspring of Life” at http://nancybentz.wordpress.com/.

Big or Bitty – It’s Treasure

by Nancy Bentz, oneLifemaps Facilitator “Pour out the best you have, and always be poor. Never be diplomatic and careful about the treasure God gives. This is poverty triumphant.” - Oswald Chambers Say the word treasure and visions of rich dead uncles we’re not related to tease “If only…” from our lips. Say the word treasure and it’s over to the recycle bin to fish out that Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes envelope. Say the word treasure and [...]

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Christ Supply

By Nancy Bentz, oneLifemaps Facilitator (excerpted from her “Wellspring of Life” blog post) It was a sign that apparently the Lord did not want me to miss. CHRIST… SUPPLY shouted at me from the big neon letters on the storefront of the local Christian bookstore in my neighborhood. The ‘IAN’ of their company name was burned out and as I drove past, my eyes were riveted upon it. It was one of those moments when [...]

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A Crown of Tears

by Nancy Bentz, oneLifemaps Facilitator (excerpted from her “Wellspring of Life” Wordpress blog post “The Crown of Tears”) In a lifetime, how many tears are shed? We cannot count the number of times we’ve grieved, sobbed and wiped our eyes and snotty nose, let alone how many individual tears have welled up and spilled over like a relief valve opened up for our frayed and tender emotions. I have no doubt the Lord saves for [...]

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