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As a spiritual growth life coach, Deitra’s mission is to encourage women to deepen their intimacy with God through keeping company with Jesus. She loves using the Listen to My Life visual maps to facilitate self-awareness and God-awareness in small groups of passionate women so they can unleash their God-given potential, live out who God has created them to be and do what He’s called them to do. She also offers monthly “Get Away with God” contemplative retreats in her home as well as PrayerArt Journaling Workshops to connect to God through creativity. Deitra’s writings can also be found at and For more information on Listen to My Life, go to

Worth the Wait

by Deitra Shoemaker, oneLifemaps Affirmed Facilitator Early on this cold December morning, I venture outside in my warm bathrobe to watch the unusually colorful sunrise of orange, pink and blue as the colors meld together. Even though the 37 degree chill is beckoning me to run back inside, I stand and wait . . . I know that within minutes this “hidden manna moment” will disappear as the sun fully rises. So I decide to [...]

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Across the Ocean

By Deitra Shoemaker, oneLifemaps Facilitator I waited on that Monday morning . . . waited for the Kenyan ladies to show up to begin their Listen to My Life Workshop.   Nine in the morning and no one arrives.  Well, it is Africa, and they do time differently than we Americans.   The pastor goes to check and comes back to say a helicopter almost crashed in a field near the village so everyone went [...]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

By Deitra Shoemaker, oneLife Maps Facilitator As I think about the good, the bad and the ugly in my story, I see the good as the blessings of God.  I see the bad as the trials and sufferings I've experienced from those who have sinned against me as well as just the acknowledgement of the fact that this is how life is on this side of eternity.  But the ugly . . . the ugly [...]

God Hunt

By Deitra Shoemaker, oneLife Maps Facilitator “We cannot attain the presence of God because we are already totally in the presence of God. What’s absent is awareness.” --Richard Rohr I remember as a kid how much I loved scavenger hunts. I loved that sense of accomplishment as I found all the items as much as the joy in the search. God invites us on a similar daily hunt for His presence. I call it “going [...]

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