/Sharon Voyda

About Sharon Voyda

Sharon Voyda is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice specializing in individual/ relational therapy and trauma resolution. Prior to her career as a therapist she was a high school teacher. She blends her love of teaching and therapy by utilizing the Listen To My Life maps in therapy workshops. With the addition of the maps in a group format, Sharon witnesses an accelerated growth beyond what is achieved in individual therapy.


by Sharon Voyda, oneLifemaps Facilitator Sometimes when I hear the word “discipline” used in reference to experiencing God’s presence, it revives images of failed New Year’s Eve promises or early morning gym routines that are riveted by blaring music. My thoughts are crowded with notions of striving, enduring and straining to “get God.” In her book, Enjoying the Presence of God, Jan Johnson suggests noticing what is present, immediate, the thing that is right in [...]

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