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You can Facilitate Listen to My Life Experiences

We can help you become equipped and confident.

Read this page to find out the many ways facilitators use the materials with others, how to become equipped, and how to become a part of our amazing community of facilitators.

Since Listen to My Life materials can be used with men and women as a process including all eight visual maps included in the Listen to My Life portfolio, as individual maps, or combinations of individual maps; experiences can be crafted to fit many situations.

Might you facilitate
Listen to My Life experiences?

Facilitators of 'Listen to My Life' experiences are diverse.

  • Small group leaders
  • Church spiritual formation professionals
  • Counselors
  • Coaches
  • Spiritual Directors
  • Spiritual friends
  • Professors
  • Retreat leaders
  • Teachers

Is Listen to My Life
right for your situation?

Just some of the settings where 'Listen to My Life' has been used:

  • Classes in churches
  • Pre-marital classes or counseling
  • Counseling situations
  • Spiritual direction
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Internships
  • Coaching curriculum
  • Mission trip team preparation
  • Homeless populations
  • Missionary care
  • Leadership development
  • Majority world mission trips with indigenous populations
  • Job search
  • Listening workshops
  • Young Adult/College ministries
  • High School ministries
  • Pastoral Care
  • College classes
  • Women’s and Men’s ministries
  • Couples groups
  • Prison ministries
  • Church connection ministries
  • Follow up to Alpha

Want to get started? Here are some options for you!


Every month, Co-Authors Sibyl Towner and Sharon Swing join Joan Kelley, our Director of Facilitator Development on the phone for a 50-minute equipping session on a topic related to using the Listen to My Life system.

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Our Equipping Center contains all you need to be equipped and confident.  Get started immediately!

First Time Facilitator Membership

$180 or $15 per month

This membership provides confidence-building and informational resources that help those considering or moving ahead with a decision to start facilitating any type of Listen to My Life experience.

As an added bonus, you also receive access to all the resources provided in the ‘Experience Listen to My Life Supplemental Video Series’ at no charge to you.

Membership includes:

  • Access to more than 23 training videos specifically targeting new and growing facilitators.  Topics include:
  • What you can expect if you facilitate a Listen to My Life experience for others
  • Why life story is important to Christian spiritual growth
  • The facilitator’s role
  • Understanding that the soul is shy
  • Listening guidelines used in Listen to My Life experiences
  • What is Three-Way Listening?
  • What is our responsibility in listening to others?
  • The Listen to My Life group as a listening laboratory
  • Guiding others in how to share their stories
  • Perspectives on scripture
  • Modeling the use of ‘Lectio Divina’ in groups
  • The use of scripture in response to the sharing of a story
  • Group format options
  • The flow of working through a Listen to My Lifevisual map with a group
  • How to get started on a visual map
  • Getting a group together – the invitation
  • First meetings
  • You can do this!

Due to the nature of our electronic resources, you are committing to at least a one year membership and your credit card will be charged automatically on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, whichever you choose.

Get Access Now

Facilitator Circle Membership

$480 year or $40 per month

Skill-building and thought provoking content to assist in personal spiritual growth and professional growth in designing Listen to My Life experiences and facilitating individuals or groups, in various settings including churches, small groups, retreats, workshops, mentoring, coaching, spiritual direction or counseling. You will have access to all Experience Listen to My Life Supplemental Video Series resources, and First-Time Facilitator and Facilitator Circle Memberships resources.

This level is for facilitators who may choose to facilitate Listen to My Life experiences more than once and may potentially move toward becoming ‘Affirmed Facilitators.’

Membership includes:

  • All resources available to First-Time Facilitators, plus:
  • Sibyl’s Book Club membership and past conversation recordings
  • Permission to use ‘Experience Listen to My Life’ videos in groups
  • Customizable facilitation plan samples to help you craft your workshop, retreat or class for your specific audience utilizing your unique giftedness
  • Facilitator Equipping Call recordings from our archives
  • Book and music recommendations along with a curated selection of articles useful for your development
  • Downloadable handouts with permission to reproduce for your groups
  • Option to upgrade to Affirmed Facilitator membership when qualifications are met

Due to the nature of our electronic resources, you are committing to at least a one year membership and your credit card will be charged automatically on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, whichever you choose.

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Affirmed Facilitator Membership

$1200 year/or $100 per month for one year minimum

Participation in Affirmed Facilitator Cohort by invitation from the authors. Requires application, completion of requirements and interview. Members are selected by authors as someone they would recommend to others for retreat or workshop facilitation, speaking, one-on-one facilitating, coaching, counseling, mentoring or spiritual direction.

Affirmed Facilitators at this membership level will have the following benefits:

  • Listed on oneLifemaps website as an Affirmed Listen to My Life facilitator
  • Permission to use branded business cards, aiding in credibility for your individual practice in coaching, spiritual direction, counseling or facilitating.
  • Option to offer classes on topics related to Listen to My Life under the banner of oneLifemaps, which are promoted on the website and through oneLife Letters blogs
  • Discounts for Listen to My Life participant workshops and Facilitator Gatherings offered by core oneLife Maps team
  • Access to business/practice-building resources as they become available
  • Access to all resources in all other membership levels
  • 15% Discount on Listen to My Life materials

Due to the nature of our electronic resources, you are committing to at least a one year membership and your credit card will be charged automatically on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, whichever you choose.

Membership at this level is a partnership to expand Listen to My Life, building a marketing platform for all involved, and as such, search engine optimization and other advertising investments will be made at a level appropriate to the resource pool of the affirmed facilitators.

Get Access Now

Another Equipping Opportunity:  Sibyl's Book Club

If you love reading books on the topics of spiritual formation and life story, join in on monthly Sibyl's Book Club conversations.  Sibyl Towner selects books that will inspire, inform and challenge us to grow in learning to recognize and respond to God in our stories.  This monthly membership is included as a part of our Facilitator Circle Membership and Affirmed Facilitator Membership, since many of these books are foundational to assisting others in their spiritual development through life story.

If you prefer to just join the book club, you are still welcome to join us!


Have questions about becoming a facilitator?

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We would love to hear your stories, questions, or comments. Thank you.


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