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May 2, 2018

Believe to See

Photo Credit: Casey Horner at Unsplash

By Sharon Swing

Seeing is believing, you have heard it said.

Maybe it is truer to say,

“Because we believe, we can see.”

When you believe that God is present, active, and discoverable, you become open to the miracles of the Creator as close as the air you breathe and as distant as neighboring galaxies.

The mere expectation of God infused throughout your daily experiences tunes your bodily senses and your spirit to recognize and respond to God in the midst of the unfolding story of your life.



2 Corinthians 5:7 - "For we live by believing and not by seeing."



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One comment on “Believe to See”

  1. This is so true. I spent so much time saying God isn’t personal when I’m not looking and expecting it to be him. Thank you Sharon

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