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Are Emotions Allowed in the Valley?

Photo Credit: Milada Vigerova by Jennifer Grabianski, speaker, teacher, and life coach I am living in the valley. Though I have enjoyed many victorious mountaintop experiences, right now I am laid low, grieving a painful loss, living with more questions than answers. The first time I used the LTML Valley Experiences Map to process a difficult experience, one question in particular stood out to me: “How do I grieve in healthy ways?” [...]

Childhood Valley Experiences—Redeemed!

Photo Credit: Sharon Christina By Patty MacCarthy, onelifemaps participant Growing up, I attended church each week with my family. In Sunday school, I was told that I was "a perfect child of God.” I never heard the word “sin” or that I was in need of a Savior. Jesus was portrayed only as teacher and healer. As a young girl, I was often left in the care of my two older brothers. [...]

Reframing on Raspberry Mountain

Photo Credit: Biegun Wschodni by Kim Nielsen, oneLifemaps Facilitator Waking up to a God-kissed day on Raspberry Mountain filled my heart with joy! Much of what is life-giving to me could be found on this day: being in the majestic mountains, walking in the wildflower valleys, receiving my breath of the Spirit from the cool morning air as God affirmed my life this day, spending extended time with Him on retreat and sharing [...]

Awakening in the Valley

Photo Credit: Carol Steffens by Carol Steffens, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Blog editor Have you ever realized something later in life that you may have carried around with you since childhood? So it was for me, as I uncovered a seemingly inconsequential item until I was willing to allow the pain to surface about an incident that occurred in my early years. After school one day, while rummaging through some old boxes, I came across [...]

See Me!

Photo By Kristina MM by Jean Masukevich, Yoga Instructor and Founder, Soar 4 Kids, Inc. I just heard a story about an 18 month old who woke from her nap and called out from her crib with joy filled expectancy, “See me, see me!” When her Mama went into her bedroom to see her she was covered with Vaseline that she snagged from her changing table and smeared all over her head and [...]

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Valley Freedom

by Laurie Proctor, oneLifemaps Facilitator My mind races and I have the undeniable urge to run out of the room.  I grip the arms of my chair to make sure that I don’t.  I am about to share a painful valley experience with a group of near strangers who are all staring at me expectantly.  I have willingly agreed to do this but now it seems like a careless, almost reckless thing to do.  Something akin to [...]

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How Could This Belong?

Photo by Lynnette Richardson by Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator “Everything in your story belongs."  This is one of the foundational teachings of Listen to My Life. On a good day, I believe it. On a not so good day, I forget it. Lately, the part of my story I don’t think belongs is my recurring struggle with depression. Depression has been described as a deep dark hole that seems to have no way [...]

Long Overdue Thoughts

by Joy Bork It is time. It is time to write again. It is time to blog again. It is time to live free. It is time to adventure again. It is time.   The past two years have been the hardest two years of my life so far.  On the flip side, they have also been two of the best years.  For some reason, the saying that "out of hardship comes the greatest growth" [...]

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Life’s Detours

by Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen To My Life On a recent road trip from Chicago to New York City, we encountered a sign that indicated there was a detour 20 miles ahead.  We stopped, had lunch, enjoyed a small town off the interstate and obliviously got back on the interstate only to run into a traffic jam and a mandatory detour that took us 80 miles and more than an hour out of our [...]

5 Minute Meetings

by Emy Lyn Bell, Photographer Did you know I was fired from my first big girl job? Yep.  It's true.  It seriously sucked and has for a long time now.  A 5 minute meeting and BAM my life was thrown in a totally different direction.  Though I've attempted to not allow that 5 minute meeting to affect me so much, it has for years.  I have been angry.  I have been embarrassed and ashamed.  Every time [...]

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