Essential Curiosity

By Sharon Swing

Photo by Evan Kirby

Curiosity is an essential prerequisite to love.

Since love is at the rock bottom core of our desires, it might be helpful to understand what helps us to receive and give love.

  • Falling in love requires a curiosity about another person. I think it is also the secret to staying in love – and working thru conflict.


  • What if, when someone is irritating, obnoxious or defiant, I could more often respond with curiosity instead of react in judgment or hurt? Might that curiosity be an act of love that resists disconnection and self-protection?


  • When someone gets emotionally triggered from my behavior, BEFORE I seek to defend myself or feel a need to overpower the other person with my stellar argument or perspective, what if I asked curious questions like:
    • “I’m curious. What just happened inside you?”
    • “How do you see me and the situation right now?”
    • “You’re seeing this from a different perspective. Help me see it through your eyes.”


  • What if I approached scripture with a more curious posture, wondering what conversation I might have with God over his word, rather than reading for the purpose become more ‘correct’ in my theology? Might I open myself up more readily to the transforming power of God’s love thru his word?


  • Being curious while in nature helps me notice beauty in many forms - ‘micro’ nuances and intricacies, as well as ‘macro’ interconnections woven together in a wide-angle view. If I’m curious, I’m opened up to the mystery and awe of my Creator, and begin participating in the conversation that God is already having with me.

So, I’m curious…what might happen if you and I made a conscious effort to grow in curiosity?

  • What might we notice?
  • How might it affect how we receive and give love from God and pass it on to the people in our lives?
  • Might curiosity overcome judgmental attitudes and lead to better discernment?


“Love is patient; love is kind. Love isn’t envious, doesn’t boast, brag, or strut about. There’s no arrogance in love.” 1 Corinthians 13:4 The Voice

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