Listening as Love

By Sibyl Towner

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author Listen to My Life

Watch & listen as Sibyl Towner shares some wisdom on the topic of Listening as Love!

One comment on “Listening as Love”

  1. I heard your program on Midday Connection last month and have been thinking about doing this with my 3 teenage / pre-teen daughters. Is this something that might work for them? It seems that I had no idea who I was or acceptance (or recognition) of who God made me to be before I launched into college. I ended up being motivated by pleasing others and fears of failure, rejection, inadequacy etc.... I would love to help my daughters know how God hard-wired them BEFORE making career / life decisions. I appreciate your input on the appropriateness of this workbook for this age-group. Thank you!

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