Original Blessing

Photo Credit: Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

By Sharon Swing

As people engage their life stories, they may recognize that the story they have been told about themselves in their religious background leans heavily toward their sin nature, sometimes to the near exclusion of God’s pronouncement of “very good” when he created them.

A spirituality based on ‘original blessing' does not deny ‘original sin,’ but it recognizes that the blessing is, in fact, our origin, (as in Genesis 1) and predates the sin of the Fall in Genesis 3.  The original blessing is what Jesus came to restore, so why do we sometimes live and describe our faith as a story that emphasizes sin over blessing?

Might there be a difference between living with a fixation on the story of how we have failed, and continue to fall short, vs. a life story based on the incredible blessing it is to be child of the Most High God, redeemed and alive to love, to serve and to pass forward the joy and peace that we have found?

  • What does this stir in you?
  • Looking thru these lenses of original blessing or original sin, what do you see in your own life story?


“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

Genesis 1: 31 NIV

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