By Sharon Swing

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by Sharon Swing, Co-Author Listen to My Life

“You are a precious child of the Most High King.”

I can write it and say it to others, but I’m realizing it is still hard to take it all in!

When we teach Listen To My Life workshops, I often find myself reminding participants that God loves them.  That is no small thing.  Unless their identity is secured in to Whom they belong, their life stories seem more like a random series of disappointments (to God and to themselves) rather than an adventure being co-authored in cooperation with God.

Yes, God loves YOU!  He doesn’t just love you and put up with you, HE LOVES YOU!  And by the way, He likes you, too!  You’re not a bother, an interruption or a distant acquaintance.  You are a favored, adored, and treasured son or daughter of the King.

My brother-in-law gathered the family last Christmas to share some research he had done into each of our names.  He had prepared a card for each of us with the various meanings of our names written inside.  We had an opportunity to bless one another by talking about how we saw the character traits of each person reflected in the meanings of their names.

Matthew, my 13 year-old son’s name means “Gift of God.”  He was conceived in the three weeks between my husband’s prostate cancer diagnosis and the surgery that would end our opportunity to naturally have children.  Since we were expecting a girl, we had no male names selected.  In my post-delivery stupor, I said, “Matthew Thomas will do fine,” and that was his name.  Later, I was reminded of the meaning of his name and how perfect it was for the amazing, against-all-odds gift of a child that we had been given by our loving God.  He is a ‘gift of God’ to us.

One meaning of my name, Sharon, means “Princess.”  I laughed it off, not thinking myself to be anything like a princess.  I thought of what I lacked to be princess-like; poise, beauty, elegance, and dainty humor.

Recently, I was writing about our identity as being rooted in to Whom we belong.  I had done a quite convincing job, I thought.  Then I sensed God whisper to me, “What do you call a precious daughter of a king?”  Yes, a ‘princess.’

A prince or princess has special access to the King.  The King gives loving attention to his son or daughter.  A princess or prince has official duties to show the King’s hospitality and graciousness to others.  A princess serves as a representative of the kingdom, and has a story worth living because of who she is and to whom she belongs.  It is a license to serve humbly, to live boldly with a purpose, knowing that the identity of a prince or princess is an extension of the identity of the King.

Since you are a precious son or daughter of the Most High God that makes you a prince or princess, too.  Is that hard to take in?


What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it—we're called children of God! That's who we really are.  1 John 3:1


  • What are the implications of your identity as a child of the King?
  • Where do you think that truth got sidetracked in your life story?


My Father and my King, Help me to see myself as you see me; fully loved, fully accepted, and a full representative of your love and grace to the people around me.  Help me to be secure in your acceptance of me so that I live unhindered by fear or attempts to earn the approval of others.  Please give me courage as I humbly serve you and those whom you love.  Amen

*Reprinting and republication of this article is permissible in its entirety, with full attribution, including the paragraph above. Please let us know you’ve found it useful. 

2 comments on “Princess”

  1. We thought we were going to have girl too. A couple of weeks before he was born we felt like a boys name just in case was a good idea. We could not find a one we both liked. In the delivery room I turned to my husband Dave at some random moment and said, "What do you think of Matthew Thomas?" He liked it. I did not know the meaning of Matthew until later on. In our story, the name proved profound because at the time he was born we fully expected there would be more children. But that was not God's plan. Matt turned out go be our one and only child our "gift from God".

  2. Hey Sharon,

    I too have problems realizing that I am God's princess. Thanks for reminding me!

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