Facilitator Circle Membership

From: $40.00 / month

$480 year or $40 per month

Skill-building and thought provoking content to assist in personal spiritual growth and professional growth in designing Listen to My Life experiences and facilitating individuals or groups, in various settings including churches, small groups, retreats, workshops, mentoring, coaching, spiritual direction or counseling. You will have access to all Experience Listen to My Life Supplemental Video Series resources, and First-Time Facilitator and Facilitator Circle Memberships resources.

This membership is for facilitators who may choose to facilitate Listen to My Life experiences more than once and may potentially move toward becoming ‘Certified Life Mapping Guides’ after attending a live 2-1/2 day in-person workshop. (No live events are planned for 2021, due to COVID, but we plan to create on-line certification workshops and resume in-person events when circumstances allow.)

Membership includes:

  • 'Facilitator Equipping Call' recordings that cover over a plethora of topics related to facilitating each map in the 'Listen to My Life' portfolio.
  • 'Deeper Conversations' recordings where facilitators discuss foundational topics of listening, life-story and spiritual formation as we build community with one another.
  • Sibyl’s Book Club conversations recordings from prior to 2021
  • Access to ‘Experience Listen to My Life’ videos for use in groups
  • Option to upgrade to Affirmed Facilitator membership when qualifications are met

Due to the nature of our electronic resources, you are committing to at least a one year membership and your credit card will be charged automatically on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, whichever you choose.

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Included in your Facilitator Circle Membership

We have been feeling the nudge to start something new that engages more of our facilitators in deeper community of listening all wrapped around great spiritual formation content.  This is what is marking the birth of a new experience called “Deeper Conversations”.  Deeper Conversations will provide a place to deepen our own spiritual formation in the community of others.  Our focus will be on the inner journey so that we might go out into the kingdom to do the work God has called us to uniquely do in this one Life.  We will explore topics focused on listening to God, others and self using scripture and a core book as our template for inner work and intentional community.  Deeper Conversations will include six or seven workshop experiences each year for personal reflection, listening small groups and templates for those conversations, a large community Facebook group, as well as access to the authors and key volunteers on a consistent basis. 

Deeper Conversations is an opportunity to be a part of a learning and growing community of men and women who crave to learn more about spiritual formation and life story. It’s a place to dive deeper, ask questions, explore new thoughts, and invite God to grow us.  This community is specifically designed to explore foundational topics for those currently or looking forward to facilitating 'Listen to My Life' experiences with others.

Each 2-hour workshop will contain teaching, small group conversation and whole-group debriefs in an engaging workshop style via zoom.

For 2021, we will journey thru 'Spiritual Direction' by Sue Pickering as a portion of our content.

Live Sibyl's Book Club meetings are discontinued starting in 2021. Recordings will still be available in the Equipping Center.

We hope you’ll join us!

Deeper Conversations is included in the 'Facilitator Circle Equipping Membership.' 

Dates for 2021 are as follows:

FEBRUARY 18 • Spiritual Direction, Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring, and other listening opportunities
APRIL 15 • Listening to God
MAY 27 • Listening to Others
JUNE 10 • Responding to God
AUGUST 19 • Listening to Responding to Ourselves
OCTOBER 14 • Listening and Responding to Others
DECEMBER 9 • Spiritual Listening in Community

Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive an email reminder one day prior to the live zoom conversation with call instructions.
  • The live zoom conversation will be recorded for those who are not able to make the scheduled date and time.  The recording will be available to all current members in the Equipping Center on this website.
  • The live zoom conversations will take place from 12 – 2 pm CT on the scheduled dates.

Join us anytime throughout the year!

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