3 'Listen to My Life' Portfolios + 1 Year First-Time Facilitator Membership

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Listen to My Life Portfolio × 3

Listen to My Life Map Portfolio is a unique visual tool that helps you invite God into the process of reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to walk with God into your future. It helps you to explore the implications of the truth that God creates you for a purpose and your life is most fully and joyfully lived under God’s direction and guidance.

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First Time Facilitator Membership - 1 Year

If you are considering facilitating 'Listen to My Life' experiences with others, you will find great equipping resources in our archive to help you be equipped and confident to get started.


  • Confidence-building and informational resources that help those considering or moving ahead with a decision to start facilitating any type of Listen to My Life experience.
  • Access to the ‘Experience Listen to My Life video series.
  • Membership includes:
    • Access to more than 23 training videos specifically targeting new and growing facilitators.  Topics include:
      • What you can expect if you facilitate a Listen to My Life experience for others
      • Why life story is important to Christian spiritual growth
      • The facilitator’s role
      • Understanding that the soul is shy
      • Listening guidelines used in Listen to My Life experiences
      • What is Three-Way Listening?
      • What is our responsibility in listening to others?
      • The Listen to My Life group as a listening laboratory
      • Guiding others in how to share their stories
      • Perspectives on scripture
      • Modeling the use of ‘Lectio Divina’ in groups
      • The use of scripture in response to the sharing of a story
      • Group format options
      • The flow of working through a Listen to My Life visual map with a group
      • How to get started on a visual map
      • Getting a group together – the invitation
      • First meetings
      • You can do this!




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Important information: When you purchase the bundle, you will receive 1 year access to the First Time Facilitator membership.

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Listen to My Life Portfolio

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First Time Facilitator Membership - 1 Year

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