Photo Credit: Fancycrave on Unsplash

By Joan Kelley

If you do not transform your wounds you will transmit them.” Richard Rohr

The other night at dinner we each shared about a childhood injury and resulting scar – a literal one still present on our bodies. It was interesting to note we all had one and an interesting story to go with it. Scars remind us of the wound that happened long ago. They mark us.

But there are other wounds in our life from words spoken or unspoken, messages we have carried, abuses done to us, abandonment.  The list is long, too long.  But we have some choices with these wounds – to transform them or transmit them.


  • How might looking at your wounds be an invitation to a deeper awareness of God and of self?
  • How might listening to your life help you transform your wounds for the good of ourselves and the world?

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