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Stolen Joy

Photo Credit: Milan Surbatovic on Unsplash By Joan Kelley I sat with a friend recently who was frustrated with a relative. I listened and then said, “It sounds like their extreme reaction to you is stealing your joy.” My friend teared up immediately. My comment had opened a place of vulnerability, of sadness, of a desire for something more, and a grief for what was unjustly taken. Later that day I sat with [...]

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Long Overdue Thoughts

by Joy Bork It is time. It is time to write again. It is time to blog again. It is time to live free. It is time to adventure again. It is time.   The past two years have been the hardest two years of my life so far.  On the flip side, they have also been two of the best years.  For some reason, the saying that "out of hardship comes the greatest growth" [...]

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A Bold Plan

by Don Krause “How can I live with the purposeful intention of being who God desires me to be?” Sibyl Towner, co-author of Listen to My Life, had just asked me to consider this question as we worked through one of the life maps.  Working through the maps had shown me places where I had certainly followed God’s leading, but it also revealed other areas where I had strayed from his path in order to [...]

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Soaring in Tandem

by Joani Hughes, oneLifemaps Facilitator This summer, our family returned to the beach. It did not take us long to make our way to the ocean and establish the little towel kingdom that would be ours for five days.  One afternoon the beach breeze was especially strong and we watched as our “neighbors” pulled out an unusually large bright red kite and began to fly it. Unlike many kites, this one was rectangular in shape [...]

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The Hurrier I Go, the Busier I Get

By Anita Schamber, oneLifemaps Facilitator As I wrote this curious title, I was reminded of an expression a friend of mine often uttered when life seemed out of control, “The hurrier I go, the busier I get.” Of course, my friend would try to move faster, accomplish things more quickly and get even MORE done than he had planned for the day. As a life coach and oneLifemaps facilitator, I often support people as they [...]

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Until You Share Yourself

Photo by Bobbi Dombrowski By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator Listen to My Life is loaded with quotes and statements that often stop me in my tracks and provoke an emotional response. The first time I remember that happening to me was when I read the following statement in the "My Life Story" map, “Until you can share yourself, you can’t really listen to someone else.” Inside I thought, “I don’t believe that. I [...]

Do You Trust Me?

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator Walking back from the mail box, our conversation turned from noticing the beauty of the day in nature to my mom’s question about something from a recent doctor’s appointment. It’s the same question she has asked before. There is frustration in her voice as she realizes her memory is going. Knowing it doesn’t help to keep repeating the same explanation, I think about a different response. We stopped walking, I [...]

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Lenten Learning

by Jenny Trees, oneLife Maps Facilitator Lent is a tool that in denying oneself extraneous desires we are able to more clearly see God’s provision for us. Jesus fasted to look beyond himself. We fast in order to get a better understanding of the power and provision of God. There is suffering in letting go of something; sacrifice in choosing to allow our provision to come from God rather than ourselves. In the past, I [...]

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