Will You Open the Door?

Photo by Sharon SwingPoem from Advent Book by Kathy and Jack Stockman by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development for oneLife Maps  Questions to Ponder: What story of Christ might you want to spend time reading this Christmas? What might you want to explore during this Advent season? Is there a door in your life that needs opening? What possibilities lie behind that door? How can you be present to the Creator’s Presence [...]

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More Than Just A Day

by Leslie Dawson, oneLifemaps facilitator What is thanksgiving?  It is an expression of gratitude, especially to God.  It is giving thanks for the harvest.  What has God harvested in your heart this year? Each person, regardless of race, position, or circumstances has a reason to be thankful.  Enjoy these encouraging words by Meister Eckhart.

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A Simple “Yes”

by Audrey Shaneyfelt, oneLifemaps Facilitator A simple “yes” to my close friend was more than a one-word-response; it became a “Divine Appointment!” Since I took the Listen to My Life class and became a facilitator in the Kansas City area, I have found myself listening closer to small "stirrings" inside of me.  It would be easy for me to discount those little nudges or passing thoughts.  However, when I listen closer, I have found that [...]

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From Gratitude to Anticipation

by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development and oneLifemaps Facilitator Thanksgiving is over and Advent begins on Sunday.  We sit in this liminal space between gratitude and anticipation.  It’s funny how this space is occupied in our culture with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and the feeling that we are already late for “the holidays!” In the next month, we will attempt to live not just one fully scheduled life but two. You would think [...]

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God’s Humor

by Nancy Byker, oneLifemaps Facilitator ....and a humble reminder of His presence. It’s Monday morning and I dial into a LTML facilitator conference call. As I introduced my joining the conversation, Sibyl asked if my view included looking at the mountains. I offered a quick reply, “No. I am sitting where the sun is shining.” I was hoping to soak in the last warmth of the waning days of fall in the mountains, while listening [...]

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Practice Hope

  Photo by: Sharon Swing Quote by: Steve Garmaas-Holmes Have you ever felt hopeless? Not knowing what to do? Not able to see ahead? Wanting some direction? I wonder how God might be calling you to practice hope in this season. I wonder what he might be revealing to you in the midst of your day about yourself, about others, about His deep love for you. Take some time to sit in his [...]

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Will I Bring My Gift To Him?

by Leslie Dawson, oneLife Maps Facilitator While driving in early December, I heard a familiar Christmas carol on the radio.  Though I’ve known and loved this song for years, this day I was deeply struck by the lyrics.  I listened.  Questions crystalized in my mind, one after another.  I was taken by The Drummer Boy’s obedience, willingness and focus.  The boy was asked to come and he did.  He had no gift to bring but [...]

Don’t Just Give Up, Give Back  

by Rebecca Madden, oneLifemaps Facilitator and author of the Listen to My Life Group Facilitator’s Guide Our church is promoting not just Giving Up, but Giving Back for Lent, so they are offering a chance to serve the  under-resourced each day in various places for 30 days all throughout Atlanta. Carla, my adventure friend in Atlanta, and I decided to serve at Georgia Avenue Church’s food co-op. We arrived at the church, not knowing what to expect.  [...]

Your Old and Weary Face

by Trish Gannon, poet I am thankful God has shown me beauty in life that is never found in a magazine cover.  I wrote this poem, “Your Old and Weary Face,” while remembering my grandmother, who lived with us.  My grandmother raised 14 of her own children and many grandchildren and friends.  This French woman sipped hot tea all day long and always had energy for work, fun and conversation.  The richness my grandmother brought [...]

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