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Photo Credit: Fancycrave on Unsplash By Joan Kelley “If you do not transform your wounds you will transmit them.” Richard Rohr The other night at dinner we each shared about a childhood injury and resulting scar – a literal one still present on our bodies. It was interesting to note we all had one and an interesting story to go with it. Scars remind us of the wound that happened long ago. They [...]

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Time Does Not Heal

Photo Credit: Caleb George on Unsplash.com By Sharon Swing The old adage, ‘time will heal’ is not really true. One thing is for sure, grieving loss and hurt does take time – but how that time is spent makes a marked difference in people’s lives.  Time simply allows for experiences to be accumulated with evidence that either supply hope or evidence that reinforce feelings of hopelessness. Moments of remembering the past with joy [...]

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