Path to the Cross

by Bellyn Whitteker It was a warm summer day when I arrived at the Hokey Pokey Ranch in Colorado for a Listen to My Life Retreat. As I began to settle in and become acquainted with a few of the others, I heard about a tall wooden cross located a short distance from the main building. A frequent visitor to the ranch had laid out a new path through sagebrush and across a gully with [...]

Life Giving Rhythms and Lenten Season

Photo Credit: Pexels By Jennifer Grabianski I nestled into a comfy couch in the living room, surrounded by 10 caring and supportive women, most of whom I’d never met before. It was March 2011, and the Lenten season was about to begin. I had completed two-thirds of the Listen to My Life maps, and our leader was previewing the next map, “Life-Giving Rhythms,” which is about listening to God by forming an intentional [...]

Below the Waterline

Photo by Oh Kaye by Diana Malone Akins, oneLifemaps Facilitator When I was a child I loved to make an image out of a page of disconnected dots. You remember them, a mass of numbered dots that mysteriously sat on the paper, a puzzle waiting to be solved. The excitement mounted as you followed the numbers and discovered the image hidden inside. Out it popped! Like an object under water! Transitional seasons can [...]

Following God Forward

Spiritual Circle Journal by Liz Lassa by Liz Lassa, oneLifemaps Facilitator A while ago a friend said to me, “Liz, you seem to hear so clearly from God and love your time with Him. How does that work for you?” I gave her a very basic answer sharing that I gathered my bible, journal, devotional and went off to spend time with God.  Very quickly, I realized she was really looking for more. [...]

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A Tender Journey Towards God

by Jeanne Stoner, a Listen To My Life Participant In November 2009, I retired from a 30 year professional career to become a caregiver for my chronically ill, disabled daughter.  Her young life had been full with great friends and travel soccer.  When she was a freshman in high school, she was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).  She was wheelchair bound, too weak to stand, and too fatigued to go to school for [...]

A Life Interrupted

by Joellen Maurer, oneLifemaps Facilitator His car pulls into the driveway. He shouldn’t be home yet. I am in the bedroom readying myself for dinner for twenty-eight at our home in a little more than an hour. I meet him outside the front door and he escorts me back into the bedroom. “They have decided not to renew my contract.” Disbelief. Confusion. Shock. And our lives are turned upside down in a moment. And sometimes, [...]

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The Next Step

by Jan Owen, oneLifemaps Facilitator Retreat Worship Leader In 2009, I found myself in a difficult place.  I had been serving as worship pastor at a church for almost 11 years and felt certain God was calling me to “more”.  What a nebulous calling!  What did it mean?  The only clue I had was that I felt a nudging to serve the nations.  As I tried to wrap my mind around this and share it [...]

What Is My Purpose?

By Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life "What am I going to do with my one, wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver.  Most of us ask the question, "What is my purpose?" in one form or another. Listen as Sibyl helps us think through how to move forward with this all familiar question.

Life Questions

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author Listen to My Life All of our life we are asking questions.  Often, we answer those questions externally rather than internally. Listen watch as Sibyl discusses Life Questions and why they matter.

A Glimmer of Hope

by Cheri Hudspith, oneLife Maps Facilitator Here is the blunt truth about my first reaction to the Desires and Longings Map: “I’m not going to like doing this map. I don’t dream. I think other people are good at dreaming. I’m not one of them.” If I had not committed to going through all of the maps with a friend, I believe there is a real possibility that I would have skipped this one. However, [...]

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