Are Emotions Allowed in the Valley?

Photo Credit: Milada Vigerova by Jennifer Grabianski, speaker, teacher, and life coach I am living in the valley. Though I have enjoyed many victorious mountaintop experiences, right now I am laid low, grieving a painful loss, living with more questions than answers. The first time I used the LTML Valley Experiences Map to process a difficult experience, one question in particular stood out to me: “How do I grieve in healthy ways?” [...]

Childhood Valley Experiences—Redeemed!

Photo Credit: Sharon Christina By Patty MacCarthy, onelifemaps participant Growing up, I attended church each week with my family. In Sunday school, I was told that I was "a perfect child of God.” I never heard the word “sin” or that I was in need of a Savior. Jesus was portrayed only as teacher and healer. As a young girl, I was often left in the care of my two older brothers. [...]

Reframing on Raspberry Mountain

Photo Credit: Biegun Wschodni by Kim Nielsen, oneLifemaps Facilitator Waking up to a God-kissed day on Raspberry Mountain filled my heart with joy! Much of what is life-giving to me could be found on this day: being in the majestic mountains, walking in the wildflower valleys, receiving my breath of the Spirit from the cool morning air as God affirmed my life this day, spending extended time with Him on retreat and sharing [...]

The Sacrament of Letting Go

by Kathy Bolduc, author Do you ever throw yourself a pity party? You know, one of those parties where you’re the only one who shows up? When you’re all by yourself, down in the dumps, knowing absolutely no one can possibly relate to your life situation? I had a day like that last Sunday. Feeling sorry for myself is easy on gloomy days when I can’t get to church for the fifth week in a [...]

World Events and My Story

By Barbara Giordan When I was little, 4 or 5, my teachers at Temple sat us down as a group and showed us old black and white footage: pictures of naked children who were nothing but skin and bones. They were strewn in a heap, five or six deep, like a pile of raked leaves waiting to be disposed of, only these were dead children.  "Jewish" we were told; they had been gassed by the [...]

Gather Together

 Photo by Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen To My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story "When two or three are gathered because of me, you can be sure that I'll be there." Matthew 18:21 MSG In the midst of tragic world events and especially those we don’t understand, it’s easy to get caught up in the media coverage.  I wonder what would happen if we spent the same amount of time praying [...]

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Beneath the Surface

by Julie Jensen, oneLifemaps Facilitator February has ended and I’m tired of winter.  Although the Pacific Northwest where I live has been spared the brutal winter much of the country has experienced, the seemingly interminable gray of our skies does little to lift my spirits. It’s been a quiet and gray winter for me as well.  Colds and flu have zapped my energy and slowed me down.  An intentional “time out” from ministry has been [...]

Waiting For The Grass To Grow

by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development and oneLifemaps Facilitator My husband and I are both children of farmers. While it has its many advantages, sometimes we take on growing projects that are beyond our abilities in the suburbs of Chicago. We decided last spring that our diseased front yard needed to be reseeded. John patiently dug up the old grass, raked, added new soil, seeded, covered, watered…and waited. Our first problem was a particularly [...]

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A Crown of Tears

by Nancy Bentz, oneLifemaps Facilitator (excerpted from her “Wellspring of Life” Wordpress blog post “The Crown of Tears”) In a lifetime, how many tears are shed? We cannot count the number of times we’ve grieved, sobbed and wiped our eyes and snotty nose, let alone how many individual tears have welled up and spilled over like a relief valve opened up for our frayed and tender emotions. I have no doubt the Lord saves for [...]

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Lenten Learning

by Jenny Trees, oneLife Maps Facilitator Lent is a tool that in denying oneself extraneous desires we are able to more clearly see God’s provision for us. Jesus fasted to look beyond himself. We fast in order to get a better understanding of the power and provision of God. There is suffering in letting go of something; sacrifice in choosing to allow our provision to come from God rather than ourselves. In the past, I [...]

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