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My “Ta Da”

By Bonnie Ferris, oneLifemaps Facilitator The life of a caregiver has its ups and downs, its rewards and challenges.  The spiritual practice of Silence and Solitude has been life giving to me as I care for my 94-year-old mom who lives with my husband and me. In December, I attended an overnight Silent Retreat held in a retreat center in the surrounding beauty of wooded paths and meandering stream. Knowing I had been neglecting caring [...]

The Sacrament of Letting Go

by Kathy Bolduc, author Do you ever throw yourself a pity party? You know, one of those parties where you’re the only one who shows up? When you’re all by yourself, down in the dumps, knowing absolutely no one can possibly relate to your life situation? I had a day like that last Sunday. Feeling sorry for myself is easy on gloomy days when I can’t get to church for the fifth week in a [...]

Beneath the Surface

by Julie Jensen, oneLifemaps Facilitator February has ended and I’m tired of winter.  Although the Pacific Northwest where I live has been spared the brutal winter much of the country has experienced, the seemingly interminable gray of our skies does little to lift my spirits. It’s been a quiet and gray winter for me as well.  Colds and flu have zapped my energy and slowed me down.  An intentional “time out” from ministry has been [...]

Mysticism: A Personal Reflection

by Alice Fryling, Author and Spiritual Director I was surprised when I learned that I might be an ordinary mystic. I didn’t know mystics could be ordinary. I thought mystics were otherworldly people who probably lived in the desert. My imaginary mystics were extraordinary people who had given up all material pleasures. Since I like indoor plumbing and other creature comforts, I assumed that mysticism was beyond my reach. But I have learned that mystics [...]

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