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Created for Something More

Photo by Luke Pamar By Julie Thomas, oneLifemaps Facilitator and Volunteer The Peak Experiences Map is one of those maps that was hard for me to wrap my head around. Like most people, I always thought Peak experiences where those high points in my life when I experienced success and was rewarded for it. The purpose of the map is to help us reflect on activities that were satisfying, whether anyone noticed or [...]

My Champion

Photo by Gordan By Sharon Feryance I grew up in the 1940s. At that time, a child born to unwed parents carried the stigma of being identified as an “illegitimate.”  I never knew my father, and my mother was in and out of my life. Thankfully, my grandmother raised me, but my early years were colored with loss and abuse. We moved around quite often, and I attended multiple grade schools — some [...]

See Me!

Photo By Kristina MM by Jean Masukevich, Yoga Instructor and Founder, Soar 4 Kids, Inc. I just heard a story about an 18 month old who woke from her nap and called out from her crib with joy filled expectancy, “See me, see me!” When her Mama went into her bedroom to see her she was covered with Vaseline that she snagged from her changing table and smeared all over her head and [...]

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Is There Something More?

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life At one time or another, we all have succumbed to the pull of advertisers. Many of us have tuned into the Super Bowl to see the next latest and greatest ads. They do a good job of convincing the viewer to try their product because if you don’t, you are missing out. They are masters at convincing you that this is it, this is what will [...]

I Don’t Know Myself Anymore

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life Do you sometimes wonder, “Who am I really? Who was I? When did I know myself? Is there a way to get to know who I am so I can express that to others and use if for good in my family, my community and the world?” These questions are important and significant. Recommended Books Related to this Blog: How to Discover Your Personal Mission: The [...]

Questions That Help Us Grow

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life Have you ever had this phrase, “I want a deeper relationship with God,” stir in your heart?   When phrases like this emerge in life, you have the opportunity to allow them to help draw you toward conversations with God. Paying attention to those questions can help you grow in your relationship and trust in God. Could it be that God has put those questions in your soul [...]

Knowledge that Transforms

by David Benner, author Once, when asked if he believed in God, Carl Jung said, “I don’t believe in God, I know God.”  Although it could sound scandalously arrogant, with what I hope is appropriate honesty I can say the same. I know God—certainly not exhaustively, but nonetheless genuinely.  Can you say the same? Those who have never developed a personal knowing of God will be limited in the depth of their personal knowing of [...]

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What’s Your View?

by Sibyl Towner, Co-Author of Listen To My Life God does love you and he does have plans and purposes for your life. Sometimes it seems like God loves me but everyone else has a plan for my life.  Maybe it’s time to rediscover who you are in God’s eyes.  Rediscover who he made you to be and what he made you to do.  If that kind of sense is inside you, listen.  Then maybe [...]

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Experiencing God on Raspberry Mountain

By Kim Nielson, oneLifemaps Facilitator I woke up at dawn to an astonishing view on Raspberry Mountain. Inhaling and exhaling the cool breath of life on this first morning of our retreat, I was open to receive the gifts God had for me. Meeting the other ladies, I was amazed at how God had intersected our lives on this retreat and how they became another piece of my story. On this day, we shared with [...]

Practice Hope

  Photo by: Sharon Swing Quote by: Steve Garmaas-Holmes Have you ever felt hopeless? Not knowing what to do? Not able to see ahead? Wanting some direction? I wonder how God might be calling you to practice hope in this season. I wonder what he might be revealing to you in the midst of your day about yourself, about others, about His deep love for you. Take some time to sit in his [...]

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