The Voice You Listen To

Photo Credit: Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

by Joan Kelley

“The voice you listen to is the one you belong to.” 

- Jonathan David Helser

We all have voices we listen to externally and internally; present voices and voices from our past; loud voices and quiet voices. It takes quieting our body, mind and heart to be able to discern the voice of God from the dysfunctional choir of voices that can distract us further from Him.

What if we ask ourselves as we try to sort out those voices, “Does this voice point me to whom I desire to belong”? Spend some time this week taking a few notes on the voices you are listening to. When you stop to discern, I think you may just notice the still small voice of God wooing you back into His arms.

When God spoke to Elijah on Mount Horeb, He could have done so in the wind, earthquake, or fire. But He didn’t. He spoke with a “still, small voice.” (1 Kings 19:12)


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